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GALVALUME® steel sheet can be formed in a manner similar to galvanized sheet, although it is not quite as formable as a comparable hot-dip galvanized sheet. For example, CS Type B galvanized is typically softer and can be bent more easily than a CS Type B GALVALUME® steel sheet. Also, the adhesion of the GALVALUME® coating is not quite as good as the adhesion of a galvanized coating during forming operations. Nevertheless, the adhesion is very adequate for most applications of GALVALUME® steel sheet. Roll forming, bending, and other forms of fabrication can be accomplished very readily. The reduced formability and coating adhesion is most often only noticed when attempting to make deep drawn parts.

Although GALVALUME® steel sheet can be soldered, the presence of a thin film of aluminum oxide on the surface makes soldering more difficult than when soldering galvanized products. When soldering is necessary, the techniques and fluxes used to solder aluminum should be used.

GALVALUME® steel sheet can be welded by conventional resistance and arc welding processes. The safety precautions are similar to those for hot-dip galvanized sheet.

Because the surface contact resistance is low when compared with uncoated sheet, resistance welding of GALVALUME® steel sheet requires welding currents, welding times and electrode forces higher than those required for similar thicknesses of uncoated cold rolled steel. These welding parameters are similar to those normally used on galvanized steel. However, experience has shown that even more frequent electrode dressing is required, as compared with galvanized sheet, to achieve good welds.

There is less fuming when welding GALVALUME® steel sheet than when welding galvanized sheet. The coating contains less zinc than a comparably thick galvanized coating. Nevertheless, adequate ventilation is required to remove the zinc oxide fumes.

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