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ACRYZINC® Coated Sheet is a product that combines the corrosion resistance of a galvanized coating with a clear organic resin surface treatment that is applied on top of the galvanized coating. The surface treatment is essentially invisible, but it provides excellent characteristics to enhance the performance and applicability of galvanized sheet. 

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ACRYZINC® is produced directly on the hot-dip galvanizing line. It is applied by roll-coating a uniform, thin film of a water-based acrylic solution that is then dried. The acrylic film contains corrosion inhibitors as well as lubricating components. 

Aside from the enhancements that the thin acrylic coating provides, the product behaves very similarly to regular hot-dip galvanized product. As stated previously, the acrylic provides a dramatic improvement in resistance to the onset of "white rust" when the product gets wet in coil form or when the product is stored as bundles of sheets in the field. This does not, however, change the corrosion behavior of the galvanized coating. To achieve good performance, the galvanized coating thickness should not be compromised. The life of the product, in terms of exposure time before red rust occurs is not impacted by the acrylic coating; the life to red rust is defined by the thickness of the zinc coating.

Typical Applications
ACRYZINC® provides excellent performance for virtually any application of unpainted galvanized sheet: (1) where forming requires the application of a light oil (severe draws require additional lubricant); (2) when a high resistance to "white rust" is needed; and/or (3) when darkening during the initial exposure of the finished product is objectionable.
Example Specifications
Storage and Handling
Corrosion Test
Comparison with Conventional Chromate-Treated Galvanized Product

Properties of the Base Steel 
ACRYZINC® is available in the same steel designations as galvanized sheet steel. These designations are covered in ASTM A653.

Coating Weight 
Similarly, the zinc coating weight categories are the same as those applied to galvanized sheet. For ACRYZINC®, therefore, it is necessary to specify the coating weight, i.e., G90, etc.

Surface Treatment 
The acrylic coating on ACRYZINC® does not require the use of any other surface treatment. The acrylic coating offers the benefit of high resistance to storage staining and the lubricating benefits of oil. The product is not intended to be oiled when it is used for roofing and decking. The absence of a rust-inhibiting oil benefits worker safety. 

The product is only available with no additional surface treatments.

ACRYZINC® is not intended to be painted. The acrylic coating contains an internal lubricant that may degrade the performance of an applied paint coating. However, depending on the application, some paint primers may be sufficiently compatible to offer the degree of paint performance that is required. It is important to either conduct preliminary tests to check the compatibility of a given primer or obtain information from the paint supplier regarding compatibility.

For most methods of joining, ACRYZINC® behaves like regular galvanized products. No changes are needed. Only the use of adhesive bonding requires that compatibility be evaluated in advance of using regularly. Similarly, sealants may behave differently, so the use of a specific sealant type needs to be investigated.


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